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A fine of 1, 190 thousand Belarusian rubles was imposed on Valeriy Shchukin
A trial of the public activist was held in the Orsha City Court.
He was punished with a fine of 1,190 thousand Belarusian rubles. Radio Freedom (Radio Svoboda) reports, he was imposed a fine of 4 baseline rates (140,000 BLR) for disorderly conduct and 30 baseline rates (1,190,000 BLR - 190 Euro) for disobedience to the police.
He was detained on March 29 after the trial of Sergei Kaliakin, head of the Just World (Spravedlivyi Mir) Party, AnatoliyLebedko, head of the United Civil Party of Belarus, and Sergei Otroshchenkov, coordinator of the European Belarus.
Shchukin protested against in camera hearing. When policemen closed the entrance to the third floor where the trial of the politicians was held, ValeriyShchukin blocked the doorway so that the policemen could not close the door. When detained, Shchukin was said that his actions impede the work of the court. He spent the night at the temporal detention center.






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