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Law enforcement officials illegally expropriate part of the pension for participation in a silent action.
Last week, Svetlana Vergeichik was surprised to find out that part of her pension was deducted to pay off the fine for participation in the silent action on July 6, although the Minsk City Court cancelled the decision issued of Oktiabrskiy District Court.
As you might remember, Our Generations members Svetlana Vergeichik and Galina Goncharik were detained on July 6, 2011 by the Palace of Culture (DK) Zheleznodorozhnikov. That ill-fated night Svetlana found herself in hospital diagnosed with hypertension crisis. On November 11, MsVergeichik found out that she is a hoodlum and has to pay a fine of 700,000 Belarusian rubles to the state. And the fine has been due for a month (the court trial was held without her presence on September 2). On December 13, the Minsk City Court canceled the decision It should be also mentioned that Svetlana Vergeichik has filed several complaints to the public prosecutors office against the rude treatment by the law enforcement agents.
And now, in early March, Svetlana Vergeichik finds out that part of her pension has been deducted to pay off the fine. It has turned out that the law enforcement officials only received the information about the Oktiabrskiy District Court decision but for some reason didnt receive the one issued by the Minsk City Court.
It is quite natural that Svetlana Dmitrievna tried to clarify the situation with her pension. But in our country it is rather dangerous. Last night, a district police officer suddenly visited the pensioner to find out with whom she lives and how she lives
Svetlana Dmitrievna is determined to fully clarify the situation.






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