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Minsk City Court cancelled the decision of the District Court with respect to a pensioner fined during silent actions in Minsk.
Today Svetlana Vergeichik who was arrested during a silent action and, later on, fined with 700,000 Belarusian rubles managed to get cancelled the decision of Oktiabrski District Court.
Our website reported about it in July, this year. Nevertheless, let us remind the prehistory of the case.
In the evening of July 6 (somewhat after 7 pm) Our Generation initiators Svetlana Vergeichik and Galina Goncharik met Galinas granddaughter by Zheleznodorozhnikov Palace of Culture in Minsk. It was a nice summer evening. If it hadnt been for one detail: the day of the week. It was Wednesday. At that time, when you go outside, and especially to a square, you are to be arrested and detained (or fined). Two pensioners were not an exception. Svetlana Vergeichik and Galina Goncharik were arrested by the law enforcement agents and then brought to the Oktiabrskoe ROVD of Minsk (District department of internal affairs). The arrest was rude and violent. For example, one of the police officers punched Svetlana Vergeichik in the chest with an elbow. At Oktiabrskoe ROVD the police confiscated the medicine that belonged to the ladies (diabeton and nomiprel). Setlanas complaints that she is sick with diabetes had no effect on the police officers. Until at 1 am the pensioner was struck by a hypertension crisis. As a result, Svetlana Vergeichik spent nine days in Hospital No9.
After Svetlana Vergeichik got out of the hospital, she filed an appeal to the public prosecutors office against illegal actions of the policemen. Although the criminal case was not instituted, the Chief Assistant of the Prosecutor of the Oktiabrskiy District of Minsk L.Zaminon acknowledged that law enforcement agents illegally denied her right to inform the relatives within three hours after the arrest and also illegally resorted to the use of force with regards to Vergeichik S.D., which, among other things, resulted in her hospitalization. Thus, the prosecutor submitted a file on the name of the Head of the Internal Affairs District Administration. The inspection was finished on August 12.
Probably, to justify the actions of the employees, Oktiabrskoye ROVD sued Vergeichik. The trial was held on September 2 in the absence of the lady accused. By the way, Svetlana was informed that she is a petty hoodlum and has to pay for her behavior 700,000 Belarusian rubles only on November 11. After consultations with the lawyers at Human Rights Center Viasna P.Sapelko and V.Stefanovich, Svetlana Vergeichik filed an appeal to the Minsk City Court.
And today, December 13, judge of the Minsk City Court I.Mitrahovich fully satisfied Svetlana Vergeichiks complaint, i.e. cancelled the administrative case and submitted it to further investigation.
We will keep following the events with respect to Svetlana Vergeichik.






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