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Send greetings to political prisoners for the Freedom Day!
March 25 will be the next anniversary of the establishment of the Belarusian Peoples Republic. This day is celebrated as the Freedom Day This day is special for our country. It symbolizes Freedom, statehood, independence, pride in our nation. Unfortunately, the current authorities do not consider this day a national holiday. And that is not surprising: we dont really have Freedom; our national language is being eradicated further and further; our independence becomes rather relative; and the pride actually, what should we be proud of? Therefore, this holiday has rather turned into a symbol of love of freedom and struggle against dictatorship.

Who could be the genuine heroes of the Freedom Day nowadays? No doubt, political prisoners. Those who suffer for their beliefs That is exactly these people who have put their beliefs and views ahead of their personal well-being, health, financial prosperity. That is exactly these people who have tried to at least somewhat change our country, turn it towards the civilized development. Today, the system is trying to crash them. But its hardly possible to crash someone whose understanding of freedom is not limited by the bars above their head.
The Freedom Day is their holiday and we appeal to you to send the greetings on this occasion to all the political prisoners. Today Your cables, post cards, letters give powerful moral support for everyone who are suffering for their beliefs. Our Generation has been doing that since the very day when political prisoners appeared in our country. Hence, we would like to cite an abstract from the Nikolai Statkevichs letter in response to the Our Generations New Year postcard: To be honest, usually I dont read the printed text on the postcards. It is interesting what a person wrote and created themselves. Therefore I almost missed Your amazing poem as I thought it was a mass production postcard greeting. But then my attention was attracted by this funny little Dragon. I looked at it carefully and only then understood that You made the entire card yourself. And that was indeed nice."

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