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Dmitriy Uss: "It hurts that the state brings the society down to such conditions
As we promised in our last issue we keep introducing to You those who are or were political prisoners. Today we let you meet the 2010 presidential candidate Dmitriy Uss and introduce his initiative.

It should be reminded that Dmitry Uss was one of the most democratic presidential candidates during 2010 elections. He was arrested even before official election results were announced and joint the sad list of political prisoners. The court declared him guilty of organizing mass public disorder and condemned him to 5,5 years of imprisonment. However, feeling the pressure from the Western countries the authorities had to release him several months after the trial. And it was disregarding the fact that he never signed the appeal for clemency.
Dmitry Uss is one of the few politicians who goes all the way till the end and is extremely consistent. Where else would you find a candidate who would not go to his voting center because of his principles? Where else would you find a businessman in Belarus who would dare challenge our authorities? At the very beginning of his campaign, DmitriyUss explained his motivation: Im participating in the elections to change electoral legislation and stop the outrages lawlessness that seized our country. Dmitriy suggests that Central Election Commission should include into election commissions representatives of the candidates and give them an opportunity to sign the ballots. According to Dmitriy, it should be regulated by the Law On the implementation of the citizen right to legislative initiative. To change the legislations an initiative group should be formed and the signatures collected. Dmitry comments on his initiative:
--When I was a candidate to the City Council I already observed what was going on in our election commissions. The recent local elections demonstrated that authorities impudently, cynically make up protocols, dont pay attention to the authorized representatives of the candidates, remove them from the voting centers. In fact, the authorities are responsible for outrageous violations of the law. Before, they threw away the ballots. Now, they just dont let the observers get close to the counting of voices. The authorities abuse the fact that people are dependent, bound by the contract work agreements. They say: Get away for 8 meter, you interfere with our work. All that motivated me to start a presidential campaign and shape the public opinion about these violations. But not to run for presidency! I knew that alternative candidates will be granted 1 per cent each and be blamed on everything. I worked on the campaign to tell the people about the situation in the Republic. And the reality is: even when 100 per cent vote for a different person the winner will be the one who authorities favor. That was my motivation for participation in 2010 campaign. And I need to finish what I started. We need to end this lawlessness, violations and breaches at such a high level. It is just cynic and barefaced criminal activities that I cant even compare to anything. And it hurts me to realize that Europe supports this regime economically. I am doing what I am doing and consider it necessary. Later on, when we will have free and democratic elections, when we will have independent commissions, then we will have programs and everything else.
- What will happen if you group will not be registered?
- Dont count the chickens before they are hatched. Lets think about it when we get more information. What will happen when tomorrow is the end of the world? I dont want people to be turned into dumb, depressed, frightened creatures It hurts that society brings the state down to such conditions It hurts a lot.
Tatiana Zelko, the leader of Our Generation, comments on the initiative:
- It happened that I had quite a substantial experience in observation and participation in election commissions. I was a regular observer, coordinator of observers, member of a voting center. What can I say When I was an observer, during voice counting I could observe anything: lunches of the election commissions members, their gossiping, even, sorry for saying that, their butts anything but not what I was supposed to observe: ballots and piles of the ballots And the composition of the election commissions: why would I trust them when all of the members are representatives of the same enterprise or institution? When I was an election commission member for some reason I was not allowed to work every day during early vote period, to sign all the ballots Even if Dmitriys initiative will not make our election process super democratic, it will for sure help to move our election campaigns closer to the high-flown notion election.






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