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Trial of the participants of the action Light the candle of hope (being renewed). Lists of the detainees. Sentences
Today, the Moscow District Court of Minsk held trials over the participants of the action Light the candle of hope. Human rights activists say, around 50 persons were arrested during the event.
At 11.00 Minsk time the trials havent started yet. Families of those arrested, representatives of Viasna, Marina Lobova are in the courtroom.
The names of the people who will be brought to trial at Moscow District in Minsk were revealed:
Galina Tsiriuk (judge: Bondarenko)
Natalia Mankovskaya (judge: Telitsa)
Roman Gritsevich (judge: Kazak)
Igor Gritsevich (judge: Sezin)
Yuri Asmolovskiy (judge: Kostrikov)
Aleksandr Petkevich (judge: Kravchenko)
Sergei Konopatskiy (judge: Shestakov)

Trials are also held at Frunzenskiy and Central District Courts in Minsk. We will follow the events.
By 11.30, the trial of Roman Gritsevich had been held. Remarkably, the trial had been over before the lists were revealed so that parents didnt have an opportunity to be present at the trial. Right now the judge is in the decision room. Our Generations observer reports about the in camera trials. The lists revealed show the judges camera numbers. However, the trials themselves are held in the courtroom. As a result, its extremely difficult to find out where the trials over the peaceful action are in fact held.

The Judge of the Moscow District of Minsk sentenced Roman Gritsevich to seven days confinement. It should be noticed that Igor Gritsevich suffers from cancer. The relatives didnt bring the necessary medicine to the trial. Igor was sentenced to three days in prison
Sergei Konopatskiy to 10 days;
Galina Tsiriuk to the fine of 20 base rates
Yuri Asmolovkiy to 10 days;
Aleksandr Petkevich to 7 days.






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