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The Belarusian Solidarity
Tomorrow, April 9, the next trial of AleksandrMolchanov is to be held in Zhodino City Court. Recently, Our Generation members have visited his mother, Galina Molchanova.

We pursued not only a moral goal when we visited Galina Molchanova. Let us remind that exactly a week ago we published the article about Molvanovs family A Forgotten Hero, where the author urged the Belarusian public to express their solidarity and help the mother of the political prisoner. In particularly, Our Generation brought forward the idea to reanimate Galinas friend that was ruined by the KGB during the search (her computer). Remarkably, almost all the independent internet resources of the country have spread the information. Thanks to the people who care, it took the Our Generation initiators just a week to reanimate the computer for Galina Molchanova and offer her some additional help. It was the first time for the last several weeks that we have seen Galina Molchanova smiling. No doubt, its the victory of all the people who care and who have taken part in this initiative.
TatsianaZelko, Our Generations leader, comments on the situation:
--- This article was written in the framework of Our Generations campaign Freedom is what is inside us. We do our best and try to support the political prisoners and their families at this hard and controversial time. What has happened demonstrates that these activities are indeed needed. Unfortunately, there are too many Forgotten Heroes in Belarus who need our support. The situation has clearly shown that Belarusians are ready to demonstrate their solidarity. We will keep doing that and might also broaden our activities...
Our Generation is genuinely grateful to Igor Lednik, public activist from Borisov, and the editorial staff of the BorisovskieNovosti (Borisov News) newspaper for the technical support for the repair of Galina Molchanova friend.






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