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Oktiabrskaya Square Arrests
The latest news: people are being arrested at the evening prayer for political prisoners. The names of the detained are Tatsiana Kim, AleksandrMakaev, Nina Baginskaya, AnnaShaputko.
The detainees were taken to the Central ROVD (District Department of Internal Affairs). Anna Shaputko says that the detainees prayed in the police office.
Some details of todays Oktyabrskaya Square arrests are now available. In particularly, law enforcement agents were outrageously rude, didnt reveal their identities. However, some progress is to be mentioned: all the detainees were taken away in the buses with registration plate numbers. According to reliable sources, there is also one more detainee, whose name is unknown, yet.
The alleged charges against AleksandrMakaev and another fellow stated that they attended public places being drunk. That sounds absurd as Aleksandr doesnt drink alcohol, at all. Right now (23.00) they are being examined for blood alcohol content.
All the women were released without record. However, their white-red-white scarves were confiscated without any explanations. By the way, Nina Baginskaya had a big scarf that she knitted herself. Currently, they are filing a complaint against the police officers for these outrageous activities. The women do not understand why the police take their clothes off and away.






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