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Resolution by theBoard of Our Generation
The Resolution on Political Prisoners in Belarus was adopted at the meeting of Our Generations Board. The full text of the resolution:
We, pensioners, have seen a lot in our lives. We have been building this state with claims and hopes if not for a decent old age but at least for respect.
Some of us went through the horrors of GULAG, experienced the fear and nightmare of the repression machine. Some of us had our parents executed by a Stalins troika (three-member commission) that investigated the cases as soon as possible. Some of us, still children at that time, faced the terror of the brown plague in fascist concentration camps and then restored the destroyed economy and rebuilt the demolished cities practically anew. After the war, we, full of belief in our bright future, raised Belarus from the ruins. Many of us became Labor and Army Veterans. When the Soviet regime perished, we started to hope, again Hope for the better future of our grandchildren, for adequate respect in our old ages, for proper attention from the state and our children. But time goes by Fewer and fewer of us remain on this Earth. Hope goes away with the years. We witness how the history repeats itself. As it was 50-70 years ago, the state doesnt change its governance style. Still, the society is governed by fear. Instead of respecting our contribution to the state development, the authorities impertinently humiliate us. We are tired of living in permanent economic and political crisis.
We perfectly understand what is going on in our country and what results it can lead to. As in our time the rulers, who had unlimited powers, also blamed our poverty and miserable life on the enemies who allegedly lived all around us and prevent us from building a prosperous and flourishing state. Although how could those enemies impede the development of the country when they dont have any influence or power? We remember Stalins troikas; the ways to find someone guilty; how guilty where those who suffered for the principles and beliefs. We remember information surrealism in our country when there are two different countries inside the one: the TV-version and the real one. And we know what it leads to split of the society when those who try to strive for truth hate those believe in mendacious propaganda.
One thing is obvious: the countries that followed the civilized way of development live better than we do. They live, while we merely exist
Therefore, we state that:
Current economic and political crisis happened exclusively because of current political authorities;
Its unacceptable to have political prisoners in a modern European country that suffered from various dictatorships in the previous century;
Lack of information about political processes in Belarus leads to the isolation of the country and split in the society.

Hence, we declare that:
People who are judged for political reasons are much more free than those who judge the, arrests them, charges and convoys them. The truth is behind them. The truth that is much stronger than deceitful testimonies and groundless charges. On the other hand, we fully understand the hardships that political prisoners, their family and friends face. We realize that the only thing that keeps them standing firm today is support of the society. Therefore, we declare that we are solidary with all the political prisoners and that we intend to use all our information and human resources to make moral and material support to political prisoners and their families more effective. FREEDOM IS WHAT IS INSIDE!
We launch No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten initiative. Unfortunately, we have to say that today the post-war slogan is burning as never before. It happens too often that Belarusian and international society doesnt know even half the names of those who fell under the wheels of the Belarusian repression machine. Yet, full and reliable information could trigger the failure of the machine. Therefore, we announce that we intend to acquire and disseminate information about political prisoners regardless of their age, social status, the extent of repression. Particularly, through presence at trials. We urge pensioners to join the initiative by contacting the Initiative group!

It should be also mentioned that the meeting launched the fundraising among the initiative group members and other pensioners to help Ales Bialiatski. The Board members contributed within their powers, too.






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