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Pensioners about the creation of Our Generation
We continue publishing the opinions of the pensioners about the need to create the pensioners organization.
The organization is needed. We should organize ourselves. And it is good that there are people who have been able to do that. We should offer an alternative to the authorities as our opinion is more powerful than opinions of those who are now at the early stages of their lives. After all, we have created this country.

Boris Zenkevich
I always receive a very interesting for our generation newspaper. Although its circulation is small, it should exist for us nevertheless for the older generation that has lived through everything, through all the tyrants: stalins, hitlers We live at a hard time, and no one cares about us. In fact, no one knows how we live on those pensions that the government gives us. It seems that the government doesnt think about us, at all. I think that the pensioners organization is needed. It would be interested in our lives, we would come together, have meetings, would be able to suggest something and would be offered something good. We are not young and I believe that the organization should be registered and accessible for all the elderly people. We should be together and there should be as many of us as possible. I want to wish our generation, which is over 60, to be in good health and to get united.

The pensioners organization is needed at least because not all the pensioners know about public organizations and parties. Our organization should be social as we care more about these issues now. Of course, pensioners are rather unsociable and concentrate on the family or something else. But if there were an organization with psychologists where they could get consultations maybe, they would feel better. Elderly people need various occupation.






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