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Zmitser Dashkevich receives rape threats from prison warden
Young Front reports about hideous facts of pressure on the political prisoner.

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TatsianaZelko about the sentence imposed upon AleksandrMolchanov (photo)
The sentence on the political prisoner, AleksandrMolchanov, was announced today. The Zhodino City Court Judge sentenced the young man who had two ill parents to 1.5 years in prison. His partner in crime received the conditional sentence. TatsianaZelko, Our Generation’s leader, was present at almost all the court sessions. Today, we publish her impressions about the trial:

The Belarusian Solidarity
Tomorrow, April 9, the next trial of AleksandrMolchanov is to be held in Zhodino City Court. Recently, Our Generation members have visited his mother, Galina Molchanova.

Pensioners about the creation of Our Generation
We continue publishing the opinions of the pensioners about the need to create the pensioners’ organization. Detailed
A Forgotten Hero (photo)
The independent mass media call him “a former political prisoner”; some public activists call people like him “the ones for the crowd scene”. But I would call him “a forgotten hero” and his situation “disgrace to the Belarusian public”. Today, we are on a visit to Aleksandr Molchanov’s parents.

A fine of 1, 190 thousand Belarusian rubles was imposed on Valeriy Shchukin
A trial of the public activist was held in the Orsha City Court. Detailed

The Our Generation bulletin was distributed in Baranovich on Freedom Day (photo)
On Freedom Day, March 25, Grigoriy Grik, an Our Generation activist from Baranavichi, distributed the Our Generation organizational bulletin in the local market place. Detailed

Send greetings to political prisoners for the Freedom Day!
March 25 will be the next anniversary of the establishment of the Belarusian People’s Republic. This day is celebrated as the Freedom Day… This day is special for our country. It symbolizes Freedom, statehood, independence, pride in our nation. Unfortunately, the current authorities do not consider this day a national holiday. And that is not surprising: we don’t really have Freedom; our national language is being eradicated further and further; our independence becomes rather relative; and the pride… actually, what should we be proud of? Therefore, this holiday has rather turned into a symbol of love of freedom and struggle against dictatorship. Detailed

Viktor Statkevich about his son: “It’s his choice”
Viktor Pavlovich, father of the political prisoner, ex-presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, had to face his 85th anniversary without the closest family – his sons Aleksandr and Nikolai. He fears for Aleksandr and asks him not to come from Ukraine. His other son was taken by the authorities during the “Bloody Sunday” of December 19, 2010. Detailed

Nikolai Avtukhovich sent the Our Generation female pensioners greetings on the occasion of March 8 (picture)
On the eve of the International Women’s Day a card from the political prisoner Nikolai Avtukhovich was received at the Our Generation’s address.

Law enforcement officials illegally “expropriate” part of the pension for participation in a “silent action”.
Last week, Svetlana Vergeichik was surprised to find out that part of her pension was deducted to pay off the fine for participation in the silent action on July 6, although the Minsk City Court cancelled the decision issued of Oktiabrskiy District Court.
The Trial of Kovalenko as Witnessed by a Retiree
On Friday, one more Belarusian joined the list of political prisoners – Sergei Kovalenko. Tried for violations of the conditions of the suspended sentence, which he received for putting white-red-white flag on the municipal New Year Tree, Sergei was sentenced to a harsh punishment: a year and 11 months in strict regime colony. Detailed

Women’s eyes in the Kovalenkos family (photo)
When I came to the house of the Kovalenkos I saw three pairs of women’s eyes. Three generations united by the mutual grief. The youngest, year and a half old Viktoriya’s eyes looked at me cheerfully and happily. The oldest eyes, eyes of the mother, tired from constant provocations, looked with suspicion... And the wife’s eyes… They were simply tired.

“Domestic Psychiatry”
Recently, “bynet” has been full of information about punitive psychiatry. Cases of Morozov and Krutoi attracted public attention. However, unfortunately, there is also “domestic” psychiatry in Belarus: when families for some reasons send their family members to the mental hospital... Detailed

Dmitriy Uss: "It hurts that the state brings the society down to such conditions”
As we promised in our last issue we keep introducing to You those who are or were political prisoners. Today we let you meet the 2010 presidential candidate DmitriyUss and introduce his initiative.

Tatiana Zelko. “Time for action”
2012 has just started. What would you say about the year 2011 and what do you expect from the year 2012? We addressed these questions to Tatiana Zelko, the leader of Our Generation. Detailed

Court trial of Nikolai Chernous, Our Generation’s activist from Baranovichi, was postponed
Today, Baranovichi city court had a trial of Nikolai Chernous, Our Generation’s activist from Baranovichi. Detailed

“Our Generation” became the permanent participant of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
The protocol of the meeting of “Our Generation” Board was examined during a regular meeting of the Interim coordination Committee of the National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. As a result of the consideration “Our Generation” was registered as a permanent member of this umbrella structure. Detailed

Ask a question and receive an answer from the primary source
The year 2012 was proclaimed in Europe the year of “Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations”. Various discussions of the problems of ageing and joint events with participation of young and elderly people are planned for this year. “Our Generation” also suggests that we should live this year the European style and that at least during this time young Belarusians should think about their old ages and the importance of adopting pension reforms in Belarus.

Unprecedented inflation in Belarus: prices for sugar, egg and alcohol have doubled
In 2011, inflation in Belarus was record-breaking and went up to almost 109 per cent. Detailed

“Our Generation’s” Leader received postcards and letters from political prisoners (photo)
Tatiana Zelko received New Year postcards and letters with sincere greetings from Ales Bialiatski, Nikolai Statkevich, Zmicer Dashkevich and Pavel Syromolotov.

Resolution by theBoard of Our Generation
The Resolution on Political Prisoners in Belarus was adopted at the meeting of Our Generation’s Board. The full text of the resolution:
Trial of the participants of the action “Light the candle of hope” (being renewed). Lists of the detainees. Sentences
Today, the Moscow District Court of Minsk held “trials” over the participants of the action “Light the candle of hope”. Human rights activists say, around 50 persons were arrested during the event.
FEMEN movement activists are arrested
Yesterday, FEMEN movement activists were detained around 18.00
Our Generation members laid flowers to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Minsk (photo)
Our Generation members laid flowers to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Minsk to commemorate the death of the ex-President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel.
Minsk City Court cancelled the decision of the District Court with respect to a pensioner fined during silent actions in Minsk.
Today Svetlana Vergeichik who was arrested during a silent action and, later on, fined with 700,000 Belarusian rubles managed to get cancelled the decision of Oktiabrski District Court.
Our Generation’s Leader participated in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Senior’ Organization
November 10, a regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Senior’ Organization was held in Brussels in the European Parliament premises. Leaders of seniors’ organizations from almost all the European countries took part in the meeting.

Oktiabrskaya Square Arrests
The latest news: people are being arrested at the evening prayer for political prisoners. The names of the detained are Tatsiana Kim, AleksandrMakaev, Nina Baginskaya, AnnaShaputko. Detailed

Groups of more than two persons are banned at Oktabrskaya Square
Today, a group of two persons – YuliyaFrolova and TatsianaZelko – was forced to leave when they tried to come together for a daily prayer for political prisoners.
Prayer for Political Prisoners
On November 19, it was exactly 11 months after political prisoners appeared in our country. This date was barely noticed by the public. The only people that recalled those who indeed suffered for the 11-months old events were a group of believers and public activists. On that day, they prayed for political prisoners near the Red Catholic Church in Minsk. However, they never forget about it as this action takes place every day, regardless of weather or arrests. Here is a photo coverage of the daily prayer for political prisoners in Belarus.
A severe sentence to Bialiatski
Today, November 24, one more Belarusian joined the list of political prisoners. The Pervomaiskiy District Court of Minsk sentenced the well-known human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski to 4.5 years in prison with confiscation of property.

Privatized Country
On November 25, Slutsk witnessed a unique court trial. The trial where the authorities came out in their true colors, and definitely not the bright and honorable ones. Believe it or not, 23 local deputies launched a war against a pensioner who “dared” to organize a community cleaning up day at the local cemetery. Detailed

The Minsk residents are reminded about the Flag and Coat of Arms Day
Yesterday, on the 20th Anniversary of the adoption of the Law on State Flag and Coat of Arms, a group of women reminded the Minsk residents about the occasion. Let us mention that 20 years ago the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus adopted the Law on State Flag and Coat of Arms. Since that time, the white-red-white flag and “Pahonia” coat of arms were the state symbols.Detailed
Democratic activists visited PavelSeverinets and honored the memory of Belarusian and Ukrainian patriots (photo)
Special prison detention unit in Okrestinastreet in Minsk is quite notorious in the Belarusian society for being the detention place for political prisoners. Democratic activists who dared to express their protest against the current authorities during the mass demonstrations are brought there. However, few people know that a small town of Bereza, located in Brest Oblast, has a similar “Okrestina” that dates back to the times of Y.Pilsudskiy. Detailed
The lights are off for the pension reform
The Conference on the 20th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Declaration of Independence of Belarus took place yesterday, September 11. The event was organized by the “People’s Program” campaign and held at Palace of Culture of the Tractor Factory. The Belarusian authorities clearly demonstrated their willingness to have a dialogue with the civic society although none of the state officials attended the event...