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Groups of more than two persons are banned at Oktabrskaya Square
Today, a group of two persons YuliyaFrolova and TatsianaZelko was forced to leave when they tried to come together for a daily prayer for political prisoners.

Let us remind that the prayers are conducted every day near the Red Catholic Church. Previously, there were attempts to have a similar action at Oktiabrskaya square. However, after several arrests the participants decided only to meet at the Zero Kilometer. But authorities seem to be annoyed by the mere presence of public representatives at Oktiabrskaya square. Today, at the Zero Kilometer there were just two persons YuliyaFrolova and TatsianaZelko. An employee of the Central ROVD without uniform asked them to leave the square as it disturbs his bosses. It is still unclear, in which way two ladies could disturb the bosses of the entire ROVD.
Thus, the law, publicly known as no more than three together could be definitely changed to no more than two.






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