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TatsianaZelko about the sentence imposed upon AleksandrMolchanov (photo)
The sentence on the political prisoner, AleksandrMolchanov, was announced today. The Zhodino City Court Judge sentenced the young man who had two ill parents to 1.5 years in prison. His partner in crime received the conditional sentence. TatsianaZelko, Our Generations leader, was present at almost all the court sessions. Today, we publish her impressions about the trial:

--- The trial is a show. They counted the loss of garbage. It turns out that the boys stole something that doesnt exist. The factory department stopped its work 20 years ago. Yes, there was still some equipment inside. But this equipment was not on the balance sheet, was not stocktaken, hence, the factory cannot claim it as the scrap metal. The factory department was handed over to Amkador. But Amkadorrefused to stocktake the scrap metal. And to record this scrap metal as received the factory was supposed to order and have an examination. And that is very expensive! Therefore they were not able to return the metal to the collection points legally. Half of the factory employees didnt know that the factory had that department and where it was located. But that is my personal impression and I dont want to make unsubstantiated accusations. The policemen could have prevented the crime, instead, these birds spent two days on a tree. They sat there and waited for the guys to take something from the factory. The police agent Stetsko didnt even conceal that. He said straightforwardly: We waited for them to take more so that we could arrest them. I still have many questions about the other person involved in this case. Yes, they have known each other from childhood. But someone has betrayed Sasha, anyways! And that was the person who knew. Ive heard, the phone was tapped. But Sasha is not such a fool, especially after the square. And the situation with the car that they used to transport this scrap is weird. The arrest on the car was lifted and the car was returned to the other person accused. They can confiscate a new Mercedes at the border for two excess packs of cigarettes. And here they return the instrument of a crime.
It all shows that the authorities might just be taking a revenge over Aleksandr for the flag, for his denial to sign the appeal for clemency after the Square, for their failure to fasten on him the symbols crime in October last year Anyways, there is a visible, great desire of the authorities to suppress this young person. Therefore, I want to say that our common goal today is to support his elderly ill parents. At least, our initiative will put the maximum effort into that.






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