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Unprecedented inflation in Belarus: prices for sugar, egg and alcohol have doubled
In 2011, inflation in Belarus was record-breaking and went up to almost 109 per cent.
These data were published by the National Committee for Statistics of the Republic.
As compared with December 2010, consumer price index for goods and services in December 2011 was 208.7 per cent.
The price index for industrial production was 249.4 per cent, and 225 per cent for foodstuffs.

The most substantial increase in food prices (official records state 2-2.5fold increase) was registered for canned fish, fruit, vegetables, sugar, tea, poultry, confectionary, vegetable and animal oil, cheese, egg, cereals, alcohol, and tobacco.
The rise in prices for nonfoods also hits the pockets of the Belarusians. The most noticeable price increase was recorded for automobile fuel, perfumes and cosmetics, synthetic detergents, building materials, bicycles, motorcycles, and fabric.

Payments for pre-school institutions for children, travel vouchers, airfare, international trains and buses rose more than other services.
Belarusian economy started to experience difficulties in spring 2011. The state government repeatedly increased retail prices for bread, milk, meat, cigarettes, and other foods.
By the way, according to the forecasts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, inflation for the year 2011 will equal 8.9 per cent.






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