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There tirement age in Belarus is 55 for women and 60 for men.
According to the Ministry of Statistics and analysis, there are 2,5 million retirees in Belarus, which is over 25 per cent of the countrys population. Out of them, 778,000 are aged 60 69; 670,000 are between 70 and 79 years old; 202,000 are 80-89, 20,000 are 90-99. Over 590,000 retirees are elderly persons who live on their own; 507,000 are disabled persons; 72,500 are veterans of the Great Patriotic War. 523,500 retirees keep working after retirement.

The 2009 population census shows that every fifth resident of Belarus is over 60 years old (the UN classifies a country as old when 14 per cent of the population are persons over 60). In 2008, life expectancy in Belarus was 70.5 years: 75.6 for women and 64.7 for men. The difference between the life expectancy among women and men was 12 years in 2008. However, the UN Development Program estimates that the natural difference is the one of 5 years. In urban areas, the difference between life expectancy among women and men is 11 years, in the rural area it is equal to 14.

There are three types of pension in Belarus: labor, age, and social. But only one type of calculation is solidary. The way of the pension calculation is extremely complex and confusing. The pension amount depends on the average salary of the employed, on the length of service and average labour rate of the retiree. The pension legislation consists of 94 Articles. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, in January, 2012 the minimal pension was 41 Euro, the maximal one was 196 for unemployed retired miners. In comparison to July 2011, pension provision decreased by 9 per cent on average.

According to the subsistence minimum of a pensioner, an elderly person can expect to have one winter coat in ten years.

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