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The year 2012 was proclaimed in Europe the year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. Various discussions of the problems of ageing and joint events with participation of young and elderly people are planned for this year. Our Generation also suggests that we should live this year the European style and that at least during this time young Belarusians should think about their old ages and the importance of adopting pension reforms in Belarus.

The need for reforms in the pension system is recognized not only by international experts and politicians but also, strangely enough, by state officials. But how should it be done? We think that any reform starts from studying successful and unsuccessful practices in other countries. And thats what we would start from.
Pension systems in Europe differ from country to country. Unlike, for example, trade regulations, there are no identical pension system standards in the EU. Each state has its own retirement age, attitude towards employed pensioners, the rules of stay in nursing centers, etc. What do we know about all that? Mostly nothing Independent mass media dont talk about it for some reason, while the state owned media Anyways, lets avoid sad issues!
To fill this gap, we suggest that studies of the pension systems in the EU countries should begin with the collection of official data. The governing body of Our Generation has asked (and keeps asking) embassies in Minsk to clarify basic aspects of the pension system in corresponding countries. This action also implies meetings with the employees of the embassies for live communication and acquisition of more comprehensive information. Thus, we urge everyone to ask any questions about social policies in the EU countries. The authors of the most interesting questions will participate in the meetings regardless of their place of residence (on the territory of Belarus).
We also urge the representatives of embassies and public associations of the EU countries to join the action. The interest in cooperation can be expressed via e-mail: belpensioners@yahoo.com






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