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August 4, 2007. The meeting of the organization committee for the creation of public association of Belarusian pensioners “Our Generation” took place. A number of vital decisions about the structure and types of activities of the association were made during the meeting. For example, the initiators decided to prohibit members of political parties from holding leading positions. The main activity at that time was distribution of objective information among retirees.

May 2008. Active preparation for the Constituent Congress began. By August, data about the delegates had been collected, trips in different regions had been organized, program theses had been worked out, the Statute of the organization had been written. The room for the event was arranged at the boarding house “Teatralnyi”.

August 15-17, 2008. The representatives of the Ministry of Justice were invited for participation in the Congress to discard the question about the delegates and the procedure of the event. Nevertheless, two days before the Congress the head of the boarding house “Teatralnyi” AlexandrEfremenko suddenly found “more profitable customers” and refused to provide the room to the organizers of the Congress. As it was found out later, there were no events on that day in the boarding house. The last minute denial also came from Belarusian Popular Front (BPF). The alleged reason here was the late request for the allocation of the room. The room was found at a school in Radoshkovichi a day before the Congress as a result of a personal contact with the school’s headmaster.

August 17, 2008. TheconstituentCongressofOOBP “OurGeneration” washeld with the participation of representatives from all the regions of Belarus (excluding Grodno- Grodnenskaya Oblast’) and Minsk. The Congress adopted the Statute and accepted the program theses as the basis. The entire governing body of the organization was elected: the Board, the President of the Board, Deputy Presidents of the Board and Controlling and Auditing Body. Protection of rights and legal interests of the pensioners as well as delivering information to them about the current events in the country were announced to be the main goal of the organization.

September 16, 2008. The initiators submitted the documents to the Ministry of Justice with a request for state registration. The package of documents consisted of 81 pages. 933, 277 Belarusian rubles were paid in fees (a state duty and an announcement in a newspaper).

First half of October, 2008.Administrations of Justice of Brest and Vitebsk Regions (Oblast) thoroughly interrogated the delegated of the Congress (some of them are over 70), when two months had passed after the event. The questions concerned the place of the event, number of delegates, its content. Employees of the Executive Committees were also involved in the process.

October 17, 2008. The Ministry of Justice officially denied state registration to the OOBP “Our Generation”. The reasons stated were a misprint in the application for the state registration (“Minsk” instead of “Radoshkovichi” in one of the sections), “ascertainment” by the Ministry of Justice that two persons from Brest Region (Oblast) were missing – Pankovets and Kulai (rightmost in the lower row), and missing of the invoice from the print organ about the publication of the announcement. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Justice acknowledged that pensioners from the majority of Belarusian regions (Oblast) participated in the Congress, which is enough for the registration of a republican organization. Other “mistakes” wereclearlyeliminable.

Beginning of December, 2008. The initiating group for the creation of the organization sent a letter to the Prime Minister Sergei Sidorskiy asking to eliminate suchlike actions of the Ministry of Justice. All the documents submitted to the registering body and the official denial letter from the Ministry of Justice were attached.

December 29, 2008. Another letter received from the Ministry of Justice, this time regarding the appeal to the Council of Minister. The Letter was clearly formal, and formal was the consideration of the appeal: the same person who signed the denial signed this Letter, too (A.V. Bileichik). Even the “executor” wasn’t changed: it was Kakusha.

End of January, 2009. A Letter submitted to the Ministry of Justice requesting the reimbursement of the state duty.

August 17, 2009. After prolonged correspondence with different bodies of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Taxes and Duties 50 per cent of the state duty were reimbursed. That year, the state decided to bring down the state duty to 135,000 Belarusian rubles.

End of 2008. A cooperation agreement was signed with Lithuanian pensioners organization of Christian democrats “Soglasie” (“Agreement”).

April 26, 2010. “Our Generation” was finally given the observer status at European Senior’ Union. It should be mentioned that this status was given to the organization in 2008, however because of the protest of “United Civic Party of Belarus” (UCPB) the governing body of the umbrella organization stopped contacts with “Our Generaion”. After long investigations into ridiculous accusations of UCPB against “Our Generation”, ESU gave, after all, the observer status…