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The Minsk residents are reminded about the Flag and Coat of Arms Day
Yesterday, on the 20th Anniversary of the adoption of the Law on State Flag and Coat of Arms, a group of women reminded the Minsk residents about the occasion. Let us mention that 20 years ago the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus adopted the Law on State Flag and Coat of Arms. Since that time, the white-red-white flag and Pahonia coat of arms were the state symbols.
The women, mostly of the retirement age, marched from Oktyabrskaya Square to Nezavisimosti Square. Taking into account that the authorities are quite passionate when it comes to such kind of events the women expressed their love for national symbols through their clothes. They wore white-red-white colors, many had the appropriate scarf with the Pahonia coat of arms embroidered on them. The women sang national songs and congratulated all the passersby on the occasion. The group obviously stood out against the crowd of other people who usually wear grey colors. Anyways, it was clear that the passersby were rather positive about the cheerful and neat and stylish women. A lot of people chanted Long Live Belarus (Zhyvie Belarus), made pictures with their mobile phones, congratulated others on the occasion, asked the women to stop so that they could take pictures with them. The school children, who experience an obvious information famine with regard to the Belarusian national symbols, demonstrated the liveliest interest in the event. The drivers who were passing by didnt remain indifferent, either. They hailed the women making sounds with their car horns. It should also be mentioned that there were no single law enforcement agent on the route from Oktyabrskaya Square to Nezavisimosti Square. They seemed to be simply hiding away from the redoubtable women.
However, the situation changed drastically by the Red Catholic Church. People in uniform and in plain clothes were waiting for the women. A major even had a video camera. Nevertheless, the video camera and threatening glances of those who are supposed to be fighting against the organized crime didnt prevent the women from praying for the return of the national symbols and release of political prisoners. At the end of the event, the target of that entire police force rabble became clear. It was 65-year-old Nina Baginskaya who, quite reasonably, decided to commemorate the Flag and Coat of Arms Day by raising the flag. Let us remind that the activist of the Conservative Christian Party BPF (-) spread out the white-red-white flag on the day of adoption of the Declaration of Independence of Belarus. However, the national colors flied only for a few moments: a plain clothes person might have felt himself the chief steward of the country who after the referendum barbarically tore the flag on the parliament building to pieces after the referendum. He ran to the elderly woman, took and broke on his knee the rod that supported the flying flag, crumpled it and thrust it into the pocket of his jacket. Then he retreated behind the Red Catholic Church. Naturally, Nina Baginskaya followed him to protect her belongings of a material, and what is more important, spiritual value. However, nothing good waited for her there: she was detained by the police. The events that followed reminded of the Groundhog Day movie: Nina Baginskaya was taken to the Moskovskiy District ROVD where she was waited for by the notorious captain Mamay; the detainees requests to make a record about the confiscation of the flag; innocent eyes of Mamay that claimed I didnt take anything from you However, something was different: in particularly, no one gave a lecture to MsBaginskaya about the inadmissibility of crimes. Instead, she was put into a car and taken to the bus stop
That wasnt really pleasant to read the reports about this incident in the independent media. Some organizations seem to run as fast as possible to the computer to appropriate a celebrated incident. For example, Nina Baginskaya all of a sudden became a Belarusian Christian Democrat although she was only an CCP-BPF (-) activist. Further, the 65-year old patriots name was used for some weird reason to promote V. Rymasheusky But even if all that was made through ignorance and the Belarusian Christian Democrats (BChD) indeed have an illusion that Nina Baginskaya is one of their adherents, then there is a quite logical question: why neither the BChD leaders, nor its activists protected their member? Why all the reports were finished at the Red Catholic Church but not in the ROVD? It is not really Christian-like...





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